When Can You Seek an Unpaid Wages Lawyer

In a world where almost everything has a price, it is important to secure a stable source of income. The steep competition in getting a job that gives a good pay is making it difficult for many. Additional burden would be employers who refuse to give them the rightful compensation.

This is not something new. This has been happening around the globe. Thanks to the federal law, employees are given ample amount of protection in circumstances like this. And with a skilled San Diego area unpaid wages lawyer, getting the pay you deserve is possible.

The reason why a lot of employers are doing this kind of dirty job is the hesitance of others to go against it. Some simply accept the wrongdoing and continue working just for the sake of getting by. However, employees should know that instances like this can be acted on legally. If you do not know if it falls under the law, here are a couple of red flags to look for.

If your employer withholds your payment. A contract would state the payment schemes included in your job. If your employer does not abide by the agreement, unpaid wages should be dealt with legally. You can always ask for legal advice and help to make sure they follow through your agreed pay and compensation.

If your employer denies your final payment. There will be instances where an employer might simply refuse to give you your final pay because you may be leaving the company. They do not have the right to do so. Hours and days worked whether you are staying or leaving should be paid accordingly. Unpaid wage lawyers can help you get those final pay.

If your employer refuses to give your overtime pay. A lot of jobs are tough. Some companies may have tons of work to do or customers to attend to that sometimes, it requires their employees to work beyond their regular working shift. When this happens, they are entitled to their respective overtime fee. If an employer refuses to pay the hours you have worked beyond your regular time, you can have them reported and dealt with properly.

If your employer always gives delayed payment. In rare cases, some employers’ payments are delayed. This may be because of some problems. At times, it may be okay but if it happens frequently or has been always the case despite constant reminder, it may be time to seek legal advice.

Contracts are made to establish a clear role for the employer and the employee. It has set conditions to make sure every aspect, including the pay is established before putting in any type of work. Both parties are responsible to fulfill and uphold those that are established in the contract. Employees should be aware of their rights when it comes to work and payment. In case of problems relating to this, a lot of unpaid wage attorneys are there to help. So you can always seek reliable lawyers to represent you.

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