What to Look for When Buying a Car Battery

Car batteries don’t last forever. By now, people are fully aware that even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan that’s determine by how many times they’ve been cycled to full charge. When it comes to car batteries, choosing one that can live up to expectations and even surpass it is imperative, primarily for the reason that they’re expensive equipment to begin with. Also, it’s an immense inconvenience if the battery conks out during a long trip. And more so if it decides to die out in the middle of nowhere. Obviously, no top quality battery can last long if the car owner doesn’t know how to take basic care of it. Using the car battery properly, in conjunction with purchasing a high quality option, can lead to longer battery life cycles. Naturally, for car owners who aren’t particularly knowledgeable in what car parts to buy, this is going to be a difficult thing to do. Fortunately, there are easy guidelines that can be followed to make it easier.

  1. Determine battery freshness.

This means finding out if a battery has only recently been manufactured is important, the fresher, the better. It’s usually a good idea to veer away from ones that are more than six months from their manufacturing date. This information can be checked through a code indicated on the battery and it consists of a letter, followed by a number. The letter corresponds to months, in their respective order. For example, A means January, B means February, C stands for March, and so on. The number that comes after it is the year of manufacturing; A 5 stands for 2015, 6 for 2016, and so on.

  1. Warranty period.

As mentioned earlier, car batteries have limited cycles before eventually conking out and will require replacement. But, since this won’t be any time soon, it’s obvious that any battery that fails to deliver its promise and breaks down in less than a year needs to be covered by warranty. Some manufacturers have shorter warranty periods, but are reasonable enough to provide a prorated period which means that broken car batteries beyond its replacement period will be reimbursed partially.

  1. Capacity – Ah.

Having a higher Ampere hour, Ah, ensures that the battery can last longer due to being able to hold bigger charges. It can maintain its charge for a very long time, which means replacing it might not be any time soon. Checking and comparing each option can pretty much provide the needed information to determine which has the biggest Ah. Sites like https://gear4wheels.com/ and similar ones have comprehensive guides on battery recommendations. Perhaps it’s best to check these sites out when picking out between two battery models.

  1. Demand for maintenance.

Some batteries are maintenance free, while some need a degree of maintenance, which isn’t really that much. All it really takes to maintain a car battery is to pour distilled water from time to time. Regardless of what the car owner decides to buy, it’s important to keep in mind that connectors should be placed properly to avoid corrosion of terminals.

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