Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu is a type of massage that has been patterned from the Japanese and Chinese techniques. It involves the use of pressure coming knees, elbows, feet, and fingers in order to achieve the right balance of the body. According to the Japanese and Chinese people, once the balance is achieved, people will feel more relieved and will be healthier.


Therapists who apply this massage technique are trained. Thus, people need to visit a specialized massage clinic or spa in order to get a Shiatsu massage. However, with the busy life that people have nowadays; they have a hard time getting a regular Shiatsu massage. With that in regard, they only often get such once in a month or once every two months. Hence, they do not get the full benefit of Shiatsu massage.


Fortunately, there are already massage chairs that are being sold on the market today. They are items that look like reclining chairs but have special electronic chips and programs so that when a person seats, they will be massaged. Such products are very beneficial for people today since once they go home, they can receive a massage anytime they want while they are sitting. What is more ideal is that there are massage chairs that have been programmed to perform Shiatsu massage.


An Affordable Shiatsu Massage Chair


The Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Plus VR Headset is one of the highly recommended massage chairs based on many massage chair reveiws. One of the main reasons why is that it is registered at the Food and Drug Administration. Meaning, the materials used have surpassed or met the safety requirements set forth by the FDA. Additionally, people also love the idea that it is sold at a price lower than a thousand dollars. What is more is that buyers will get to three-year solid warranty offer.


Functionality-wise, this product has two automatic programs that can be pre-set. Hence, the user just needs to press the start button and choose the program that he or she wants. Likewise, the backrest of this chair also has a total of eight massage points, from neck to feet, to ensure that the user gets a full body Shiatsu massage. In addition, it even has rollers incorporated in order to give the user a powerful and relaxing sole massage, as well as a pulsed massage for the arms.


For a more relaxing Shiatsu massage experience, the manufacturer also incorporated 35 airbags are capable of vibrating and squeezing, as well as providing the body with the ample amount of heat. They are distributed at different areas including the arms, thigh or legs, seat cushion, and on top of the shoulders. However, people should expect that this product is a little bulky, as most massage chairs are. Thus, they have to make sure that they have enough space in their home for it. Additionally, installing this product may take some time and need some concentration since the instructions given are quite unusual.


Final Thoughts:


Getting a Shiatsu massage is no longer a problem for people who are very busy with their lives because massage chairs are already being sold. The product mentioned above will be a great deal for people who low budget and have enough space for their homes.

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