How to Apply Lipstick That Lasts the Entire Day

Makeup does not really have a fast and hard rule. However, if there’s one thing that frustrates women, it’s that the lipstick they wear hardly lasts the whole day. It can be disheartening because lipstick does a lot to bring a face to life. Even if your face is devoid of makeup, as long as your lips are colored, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd.


Now the question is how can you make your lipstick last the whole day? Here are some tips on how to apply lipstick to help you get started:


Prepare Your Lips


The best step to ensure lipstick lasts is the preparation. The perfect application requires soft as well as smooth lips. This can be achieved by drinking plenty of water to maintain well-hydrated lips; lip balm is also a helpful product especially for individuals who live in dry climates. Flaky and cracked lips must be exfoliated using a gentle washcloth regularly; this is best done in the shower and aims to remove dead skin leaving a silky surface. If your lipstick fades easily, try applying a thin layer of primer before using lipstick or lip-gloss.


Choose the Best Formula


There are different types of lipstick out in the market today; generally, these are categorized as shimmer or frost, matte, and cream.


Shimmer or frost type lipsticks have flecks of color in the formula that reflect light. These types of lipsticks are best for evening use since they add a sense of glitz and glamour to an individual’s ensemble. However, shimmer or frost type lipsticks can get waxy after long use causing the lips to dry and chap.


Matte lipsticks offer the best pigment for color but if you are looking for a shiny finish, this is not the lipstick for you. It has less moisture compared to other formulas that can also result in dry and chapped lips. However, if you like matte lipsticks choose matte lipsticks that still have moisturizing effects.


Cream lipsticks have formulas with dewy shades. However, the color of this type of lipstick can stay longer if powder or lip primer is applied before the lipstick is applied. This is best for individuals who have dry lips. The cream lipstick can help make someone look mature and confident.


Line Your Lips


Using a good makeup mirror, you can start sprucing up your lips. In case you don’t have such a mirror, you can learn more at on where to get a good one. Once you have prepared the lips with either lip primer, powder or a thin layer of foundation and choosing the lipstick formula you want, it is time to line your lips. Always remember to stay away from very dark lip liners. Using a neutral lip liner (preferably pencil) that is closest to your natural skin color, line your lips. Simply follow the natural lip line, once done fill in the lips with the liner to create a good base for the lipstick.


Use a Lip Brush


Yes, this may take longer than applying lipstick directly. However, lip brushes offer more precision ensuring the entire lip is filled until the corner of the lips.


Use Lip Gloss


Opt for lip-gloss especially when using matte lipsticks to add some shine. Just like learning how to apply lipstick, it is essential to learn the application of lip-gloss. This can be done by applying some gloss in the center of the bottom lips, smack the lips together for the gloss to spread.

Follow these simple steps to save trips to the powder for frequent lipstick reapplication.

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