Choosing the Right Walker for the Senior in your Life

Every person reaches a point in their life where mobility, and almost everything he or she is used to doing becomes difficult. At this point, an individual needs all the support possible to continue to live as independently as he or she is used to. To ensure your loved one is able to move around independently, buying walkers for seniors you can feel confident with, is a great choice. There are many features to consider to ensure you have the right walker for your loved one.


When deciding whether or not wheels are necessary and appropriate, you must ensure the senior is strong and able to control the wheels. The number or wheels whether zero, two, three or four is determined by the individual’s needs and capabilities. A fairly strong, medium paced individual would be well suited to a two or four wheeled walker because he or she would be able to handle it easily and move as fast or slow as is desired.


Most walkers come with adjustable heights which is very important in ensuring comfort when using the walker. The angle to which the senior is positioned when using their walker must be suitable for them to protect them from back injuries and discomfort when using the walker. Ensure the walker has an adjustable height and the height range is within that of the user.


Each walker has its own weight capacity. The weight capacity is designed to keep the users safe, particularly the walkers designed with a seat. When choosing a walker take into consideration the users weight and find one that goes beyond his or her weight and will fit him or her well. When considering weight, one must also consider seat width and space the walker has to ensure comfort for every size of user.


Seat or no seat

Some seniors may consider a seat necessary while others don’t. Depending on how often one gets tired while walking, one may consider it important to have a seat to rest on periodically as he or she travels.

Being within a public place, exhausted, with nowhere to sit can cause a fall or other problems for the senior. So having his or her own portable seat may be a good option for those who may be less active or tire easily.


A walker is a part of the user’s daily life, so choosing a walker that is easily foldable and lightweight is important to ensure it can be used anywhere. It is safe to assume that the walker will be used in a variety of different locations and not at home alone; so there will come a point where it is necessary to transport the walker.

Therefore, choosing one that is easily folded, light, and easy to store is crucial to ensuring it can be used everywhere it is needed.

Every senior is different, and mobility is varied; therefore, each walker must be carefully selected to ensure the senior gets exactly what he or she needs to be independently mobile again!

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