If you are about to graduate from high school, a mom with a kid who’s about to leave for college, a big sister, a younger friend or even an aunt who’s about to take a huge step in to their future then this is a must read for you.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being an ambitious woman. Ambition is a term or a word that is something positive in this world that is slowly waking up.
  2. Stop eating cereal at night, it’s bad for your digestion and will give you odd dreams.
  3. Being respected is more important than being admired.
  4. Making friends in a new place? Keep in mind that those first people you meet in a new environment do not usually end up as the ones you keep close. But sometimes they are, you never really know.
  5. It may seem like you have all the time in the world right now, but you actually don’t. There are many things that can make everything go on a different direction. So make sure not to waste a single day in your life. It is a privilege to wake up each morning.
  6. You have plenty of privilege in life. Make sure to find the person in the room that you think have the least and make the effort to approach and converse with them. Always make someone feel they belong. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t belong.
  7. There are other people who is going to be a lot smarter, cooler or prettier than you and who seems like they got everything all together. Avoid getting jealous at them. Don’t make life hard on them just because they have some things and characteristics that are far better than what you have.
  8. Read at least one book each week.
  9. Take the time to exercise. Working out will keep you younger and healthier.
  10. Take good care of your skin. Remember to always wash your face, moisturize and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Your skin will take care of you if you take care of it.
  11. Do not love a person who will distract the future that is ahead of you. Find a partner that will encourage you to reach for your dreams and achieve your goals. Find a person who will nurture your ambition and vice versa.
  12. Find a place around school that you can call your own without anyone’s knowledge such as a bookstore, a park or a coffee shop.
  13. If you’re in a relationship and having problems and you and your boyfriend starts attacking each other instead of discussing the cause of the problem, then the relationship will simply go down the hill and never work out.
  14. It is not embarrassing to say how hard to accomplish something is.
  15. Drama is for reality shows. Avoid dramatic people which can suck out all of your energy.