Product Guide: 2018’s Best Camping Chairs

Best camping chair is hard to find; especially those that are lightweight, durable and can be used not only for camping at the nearest campsite but also for other outdoor activities such as enjoying the sun at the beach, fishing, for outdoor concerts, festivals, and more.

If you are currently looking for the best camping chairs this 2018, here are the top camps chairs for your money that you will never regret buying one:

The Strongback Elite Folding Camping Chair

One of the lightweight camping chairs you will find in the market today. Not only that, the chair is ergonomically designed to provide lumbar support, reducing lower back pain caused by other camping chairs, especially for tall people.

Product Features:

•    Admirably portable that can be folded and placed into its own carry bag
•    Designed as an ergonomic seat to support the back and prevent leg pinching with its added lumbar pad
•    Designed with durable and comfortable padded armrest
•    Designed with cup holder
•    Durable
•    Versatile enough to be used anywhere, but best for hiking

The Oztent King Kodoka Camping Chair

One of the most popular camping chairs sold in the market today; it offers the best lumbar support for individuals who want to camp out even if suffering from hip, knee, and back pain. Also, it is an ideal camping chair for individuals who do not want to sit low.

Product Features:

•    Designed with exceptional solid aluminum armrest
•    Designed with a more improved and steady insulated drink holder
•    Designed as fully padded adjustable lumbar support that offers maximum comfort
•    Durable and may weigh heavy; so, may not be the best camping chair for long treks.

The Strongback Low Gravity Beach Chair

The Low Gravity Beach Chair is another exceptional camping chair from Strongback that provides good lumbar support during beach and other outdoor events.

Product Features:

•    Designed as an ergonomic seat to provide a comfortable seat, improved posture, and help prevent leg pinch.
•    Comes with carrying bag
•    The armrest is designed low to prevent arm strain
•    Durable, strong, and can withstand the harmful effects of saltwater and the sun
•    Designed to be used for soft terrain such as the beach

The GCI Outdoor Folding Hillside Chair

One of the luxurious yet ergonomically designed chair in the market today; it is best used by tall people who want to camp out, especially at some hillside places.

Product Features:

•    Designed with adjustable backrest chair with patented strap and buckle system that can help provide a secure and comfortable seat even at an uneven terrain.
•    Remarkably lightweight and easy to fold and transport to any outdoor events such as camping, sporting events, festival, picnics, and more.
•    Durable enough to accommodate seater up to 250 pounds
•    Offers great comfort for tall people
•    Very affordable

The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

One of the best camping chairs for your money is the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler; made from polyester, but can accommodate seater up to 325 pounds.

Product Features:

•    Convenient and designed with built-in cooler
•    The seat is fully cushioned that offers lumbar support and comfort
•    Designed wide
•    Fairly lightweight; so, it is also easy to transport
•    Remarkably affordable

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of camping chairs sold in the market today; but if you choose any of the aforementioned camping chairs, you will never regret choosing one.

Getting to Know More About Blenders and Food Processors

Being healthy is a lifestyle. It is a series of choices that you make on a daily basis. This means choosing to get enough rest and sleep in a day, choosing to drink enough water, choosing to engage in physical activity and choosing to eat the right kinds of food.

Amidst the vast amount of fast food chains and processed food, there are still those who prefer to eat healthy. These are the people who would take their time of the day to prepare fruits, vegetables and meat for their meals. What these people need is a couple of tools and gadgets to make their lives easier.

A good example would be a blender or a food processor. These two are similar in some of their uses but are completely different in a lot of ways. You may already have a blender or a food processor and still be confused with their uses. If you want to learn if you can use your Ninja blender as a food processor, read on. You will learn about the differences and similarities of the two.

Food processor basics. This usually comes with a wide base bowl that does not have a fixed blade. It may also come with different attachment heads and blades that have specific purposes like whisking and more. This appliance has a lot of functions and that includes grinding seeds, fruits, nuts and meat. It also has a slicing, shredding and grating capability. This usually comes with a feeder chute that allows you to add more to it while on the process. Unlike the blender, this can operate with minimal to no liquid in it.

Blender basics. This usually comes with a pitcher or jug-like container. Unlike the food processor, the blender needs ample amount of liquid to operate. When using, you have to put the liquid first as it creates a vortex that pulls down other items as you switch it on. This makes the process of liquidizing easy. While this is capable of blending, crushing and liquefying, this usually does not come with accessories. The only thing that you should consider when using a blender is its make. It can be made of plastic, stainless steel or glass.

A lot of people ask if they can use their ninja blender as a food processor and here is the answer. This item is a blender and is a top rated model among others. Though this cannot be used exactly the same as a food processor, this will guarantee you a silky-smooth consistency. It has the power to chop, pulverize, mix and crush substances but not mix and knead.

Now that you know the difference, you can now choose between the two or better yet, get the two for all your food preparation needs. You can enjoy the functionalities of both items for a long time. Always go for quality above all. Then check out the features that you want to have. Start living healthy by getting one of your own.

Waist Cincher for Plus-Sized Women

It is a major struggle to look for an outfit that fits you and at the same time makes you feel sexy and beautiful. This struggle is common to those plus size women. Especially when there is a big event and one needs to look for a stylish dress that fits. These times may be irritating or even time consuming. Imagine going through racks of clothes just to look for the right outfit. To get through this problem, try to consider this waist cincher for plus-sized women.

Here is some of the best waist cincher for plus-sized women.

Muka Women’s Plus Size Waist Cincher Corset Underbust Body Shaper with G-string. This waist cincher corset has 12 plastic bones that keeps you secured and is made up of polyester for more comfortable use.  The sizes available are on to two sizes which are smaller than the US sizes. It also comes with nine sizes from S to 6XL. For the largest size, the Bust measurement is 45-47 inches, Waist is 37-39 inches, and for the Cup size is A to D. This Corset is designed with simple black lace. This corset is comfortable to use and even tightens easily. Although it has a simple design, it’s great for whatever occasion one is attending whether it’s for clubbing or more intimate events such as formal parties. The only downside for this corset is that it does not accommodate wider range of sizes.

Red Dot Boutique Plus Size Underbust Openbust Waist Cincher Tank Top Corset. This waist cincher is a two-piece set that includes a corset and a G-string with black sleek color in a tank top design. This corset is made up of non-stretch polyester and comes with plastic boning that can reduce the waistline up to 4 inches that makes the user look slimmer. This corset has a full lace-up back and comes with a hook in the front. It is made solely to fit plus size women with their curves without making them uncomfortable. To avoid cuts on the underarm area, the straps come down in the front making it more comfortable for the user. The downside for this product is that it may not be suitable for those plus size women who are 5 ‘6’’ tall. The bust does come up a bit high making it uncomfortable depending on the size of the breast.

Girl Melody Women’s Lace Up Boned Plus-Size Overbust Waist Cincher Corset Bustier Bodyshaper Top. This corset is different from the other two mentioned above because this corset is designed to have a vintage style. This corset is designed with ribbons and lace which is perfect for variety of occasions and event whether it be for weddings or causal events like clubbing. It is made up of fabric with two layers; 90% polyester and 10% spandex with adjustable pull laces and steel hooks.  To make it sexier, this corset comes with an equally stylish and cute thong.

Having plus size is not an excuse for someone to not feel sexy and beautiful. With the right waist cincher, one can choose clothes without having to stress over if it will fit or not.