Common Car Seat Child Safety Mistakes

Land travel is one of the best ways to bond with the family. However, it can also be very dangerous especially for little kids. That is the reason why car seats were made – to ensure the protection of a child when on the road and in transit. As much as possible, you want to get your hands on the best car seat for your child.

Truth be told, choosing the best booster car seat isn’t easy since there are so many to choose from. However, you need to keep in mind that not all car seats are the same. Hence, you need to be thorough when buying one and make sure it is tested before letting your child use it. Moreover, it’s important that you, as the parent, know how to install a car seat properly and how to strap your kid down the right way.

Here are common car seat mistakes parents unknowingly commit that could put the child’s safety at risk:

Being too complacent

Always check if the car seat you’re installing in your car has the following qualities:

  • Instructions and a label that shows when it was manufactured, as well as the model number
  • Has not been recalled
  • Is not older than six years
  • No damage whatsoever and there are no missing parts
  • Has never gone through any sort of car crash.

Here’s a crucial tip: if the car seat is a hand-me-down, you might as well not use it.

Wrong place, wrong time

Another mistake that parents make is putting the car seat in the wrong place. It’s a given that you’ll put the car seat at the back. However, you need to place it away from active air bags. Otherwise, you risk putting your child in danger of a fatal head injury when the air bag inflates and it hits the back of a rear-facing car seat.

Car seats are not replacements for cribs

Car seats are used to protect kids when travelling. Studies have shown that making an infant or child sit upright for long periods can compress his chest. This can lower the levels of oxygen getting into the child and result in mild airway obstruction, which is damaging to the development of the child. A flat spot may also develop at the back of the child’s head, which can make gastroesophageal reflux worse. It can also be fatal if the kid falls out of the car seat.

Buckling in a child incorrectly

Buckling a child into a car seat is not as easy as it seems and it can be very tricky. Before installing the car seat, be sure that you have read and familiarized the instructions. It is vital that the car sear is secured very tightly, not allowing any kind of movement to the sides, front, and back when you grasp its bottom close to the attachment points. Make sure that the car seat faces the correct direction.

These are common car seat child safety mistakes that a lot of parents do not even know they are doing. Following instructions is important and the instructions in the manual must always be followed to avoid these mistakes.


Inexpensive Kids Party Ideas You Can Make

In these cost cutting times when money is tight, throwing a kid’s birthday party doesn’t need to be expensive. A simple but easy on the budget party can be fun and enjoyable to plan for your excited child when he or she knows a birthday celebration is coming up. This will be a challenge to your creativity without relying heavily on store bought materials so we share with you some inexpensive kids’ party ideas you can make with your own hands. Put on your thinking caps and let’s get started.

Organization and Preparation Is the Key

At least a month before the party, it’s a good idea to start planning what you will need – party menu, venue, time of the party, and all the things you need to get organized. Admittedly, there’s so much to do but the rule of thumb is: keep it simple. If you ask the kids themselves, they don’t remember what food they ate but what sticks in their minds is what fun they had.

Tips to Have a Hassle-Free Party

  1. Food is tops on the list when throwing a party even for kids.

A brilliant idea is to go potluck. Maybe a friend or two is a whiz in the kitchen and potluck is a fantastic way to showcase her talents and even your own.

  1. Make your own soda.

Don’t worry about drinks; you can make your own soda, which is a hit among kids, by buying a soda maker. Just go online to read details on the best soda makers so you’ll know which brand fits your budget.

  1. Ask help from a friend.

Have a friend or better still, a parent of one of the invited guest to help you out in creating the invites, party favors, decorations, etc.  Get help from someone who is good in crafts and hobbies.

  1. Make your own cake.

The birthday cake can be store bought, but you can do the decorating yourself unless you’ve got a friend who is a pastry chef.

  1. Keep venue costs at a minimum.

Maybe a relative or a friend has enough space so you can try this out and bargain for a minimal rental fee. If possible, hold the party in your home or a friend’s home to keep costs low.

Clean ups can be assigned to some parents who’ll only be to glad to help.

  1. Use disposable utensils

Among these are plastic forks and spoons, paper cups, etc. Food can be served in small delivery boxes too.

  1. Use a theme inspired party so you and your friends can work around it.

Party favors, decorations and accessories can be made to fit the theme and the food as well.

Whatever you decide on, the important thing to remember is to make the celebration a fun filled one for the kids. Pondering on inexpensive kids party ideas can guide you to the right direction. Most importantly, you’ll be giving your kid the party he or she deserves. More than the food, guests, and party favors, it’s the memories you’ll make during the party that your kid will treasure and cherish even until he or she grows up.


Knowing what foods are good for you and which ones are bad is important when you are trying live a healthy lifestyle. In reality, there is a wide array of unhealthy foods out there that poses a great risk on your health if you not avoid eating them. Here is a list of some of the foods you need to avoid immediately in order to stay healthy.

  • Soft Drinks

One of the most popular beverages in the world after water is soft drinks. People should be aware that soft drinks contain a high amount of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which can spell trouble to your body. Soft drinks can actually increase your blood sugar’s level over time. This can cause health problems such as insulin resistance, which can ultimately turn into full-blown diabetes. And your waistline will suffer as well.

  • Deep-Fried Foods

French fries, onion rings and other deep-fried foods are American classics that have been on the menu of diners for the longest time. Unfortunately though, they may taste really good but they can do a lot of harm on your body. These deep-fried foods contain plenty of saturated fat because of how they are prepared which can result in problems like heart disease as well as obesity and diabetes.

  • Margarine

Margarine is based on vegetable instead of animal by-products, gaining its reputation for being either light or healthy that’s why a lot of people choose it instead of butter. However, most vegetable oils that make up margarines have gone through a process called hydrogenated so they will remain solid at room temperature. What this means is that they are full of trans fats. These fats are very harmful because they can result to a build-up of bad cholesterol on your arteries and can lead to the risk of getting heart attacks and strokes.

  • Processed Meats

Hot dogs and ham are on the list of foods that you need to avoid right now because they are processed meats that are not good for you. Though they may taste delicious, a study shows that high intake of processed meats can increase the risk of colon cancer. The study also includes deli meats, bacon, sausages and other processed products.

  • Canned Foods

Canned foods such as tomato soup, vegetables or beans may be convenient, but the linings of these cans contain a compound called BPA or Bisephanol A, which sticks to these canned food products. It is suspected that this BPA can actually interfere with some hormone levels that can result to problems of obesity and puberty.

  • Instant Noodles

Ramen noodles are not really a healthy meal. They are actually full of calories and contain few nutrients as well as high amounts of sodium. Sodium diets are linked to an increase in your blood pressure, which can result to a great risk of heart attacks and strokes. Eating these instant noodles are also linked to increased cholesterol and other health problems as well.


Trying new foods in exotic places, hiking a new and difficult trail or planning the ideal week long getaway can make a lot of us happy. We all know that traveling can bring us joy, but in order to make any travel successful, you need to plan it. A study shows that the actual planning of a vacation provides people more happiness than the actual trip itself. In fact, the study also found that “the effect of vacation anticipation boosted happiness for eight weeks.”

Aside from planning, going with the flow can also make you feel happy. Here are some tips on planning a trip so that you can create the right balance and get the most out of your next getaway, before, during and after.

  • Delight in the unexpected. If you’re one of those people who likes to plan and there’s always and underlying apprehension which boosts your obsessiveness in creating lists and color coding your calendar, then you need to change this. It can actually be nicer to do more exploration of a new city for the day without having any itinerary or plans at all. You can discover new places you might not find on Yelp and unearth a city’s true culture.
  • Just relax. A research study discovered that the level of post-vacation happiness people experience will depend on how much they are relaxed all throughout the entire trip. If the trip is described by a traveller as just a neutral one or stressful, then there would be no elevated post-vacation feelings. However, those who described their vacation as very relaxing, have the most post-trip joy. Keep in mind to always unwind, even when you’re in a very exciting city like Rome or New York City.
  • Do some food research. Scrolling through Yelp for hours on your phone searching for a place to eat when you’re in a brand new city is just plain worst. Even if too much planning can provide you with a lot of stress, doing some food research can be a good idea. You can find new places in advance or even book a dinner reservation or two so that you will not waste so much time sitting in your hotel room on your phone.
  • Put your camera down. Of course all of us love taking pictures and sharing them to our social media accounts. But there are some advantages of leaving your camera in the hotel room every so often. There are actually things that you don’t need to capture like your feet in the sand. If you simply can’t live without your camera, make sure to capture memorable moments and not how you want your timeline to look like in mind.
  • Pack wisely. Try to pack lightly. Bring fabrics that are lightweight which are easy to layer. Bring versatile shoes such as hiking shoes that can be used as athletic shoes or wedges that can also be used on a night and during the day. It is not enjoyable to travel if you have a 50lbs luggage in tow.


If you are about to graduate from high school, a mom with a kid who’s about to leave for college, a big sister, a younger friend or even an aunt who’s about to take a huge step in to their future then this is a must read for you.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being an ambitious woman. Ambition is a term or a word that is something positive in this world that is slowly waking up.
  2. Stop eating cereal at night, it’s bad for your digestion and will give you odd dreams.
  3. Being respected is more important than being admired.
  4. Making friends in a new place? Keep in mind that those first people you meet in a new environment do not usually end up as the ones you keep close. But sometimes they are, you never really know.
  5. It may seem like you have all the time in the world right now, but you actually don’t. There are many things that can make everything go on a different direction. So make sure not to waste a single day in your life. It is a privilege to wake up each morning.
  6. You have plenty of privilege in life. Make sure to find the person in the room that you think have the least and make the effort to approach and converse with them. Always make someone feel they belong. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t belong.
  7. There are other people who is going to be a lot smarter, cooler or prettier than you and who seems like they got everything all together. Avoid getting jealous at them. Don’t make life hard on them just because they have some things and characteristics that are far better than what you have.
  8. Read at least one book each week.
  9. Take the time to exercise. Working out will keep you younger and healthier.
  10. Take good care of your skin. Remember to always wash your face, moisturize and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Your skin will take care of you if you take care of it.
  11. Do not love a person who will distract the future that is ahead of you. Find a partner that will encourage you to reach for your dreams and achieve your goals. Find a person who will nurture your ambition and vice versa.
  12. Find a place around school that you can call your own without anyone’s knowledge such as a bookstore, a park or a coffee shop.
  13. If you’re in a relationship and having problems and you and your boyfriend starts attacking each other instead of discussing the cause of the problem, then the relationship will simply go down the hill and never work out.
  14. It is not embarrassing to say how hard to accomplish something is.
  15. Drama is for reality shows. Avoid dramatic people which can suck out all of your energy.